Roopville Cycles - Over charge, abusive towards customers, owner has no money to buy parts.

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I brought my motorcycle to have a new clutch basket and bearing installed. The owner has/ had NO money to buy the parts necessary, and he doesn't have credit with suppliers.

He attempts to sell work that is not needed, and complains when the customer won't buy what he wants to sell. He will argue to the point of calling a customer an A**hole and a no good cheap ***. He lost my ignition key and wanted me to pay Harley Davidson for his screwup. He calls customers and harasses them, and then complains when you call to check on your motorcycle.

On 3/27/13 he called the cops on a customer over a price conflict.

He doesn't honor his work days or hours. Count on leaving your bike for at least 2 weeks for minor repairs.

Review about: Overcharge.

Monetary Loss: $337.



If he is that bad why are you dealing with him??

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